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Safety Gates

Automatic Gravity Closing Design
The gate has a gravity driven horizontal swing, not a vertical drop. It does not depend on springs, cams, bearings, or the operator. When opened, the hinge design causes the gate to travel slightly upwards. When the opening force is released, the blade is pulled downward by gravity and swings back to the closed position.

  • Strong Rigid Construction
    The hinge, blade, pin, block and washer are molded from a strong rigid polyurethane. The polymer is colored throughout with high visibility safety yellow. Galvanized nuts and bolts are included for mounting to an angle iron handrail. Tests have been run on both style gates to insure that they can withstand and exceed the OSHA 200 pound load requirement on the top rail and 150 pound load on the midrails.
  •  Excellent Outdoor Weatherability
    The polyurethane is unaffected by sunlight and atmospheric corrosion. Due to its chemical matrix, the material will discolor, but not degrade.
  • Easy Installation
    Each gate comes preassembled. By locating just 4 holes (2 for the hinge and 2 for the support block) in the guardrail posts, the gate can be quickly and easily installed.
  • Low Maintenance & Long Service Life
    The polyurethane will not corrode or degrade. There is nothing to wear out, replace, lubricate or paint. The gate will perform year after year.
  • Economical & Effective
    The gate practically eliminates design time and is less expensive than fabricated metal gates. More importantly, the gates work — it provides the protection that you paid for.

Safety Rails

Sometimes the best fall protection solutions are safety rails, fences, or barricades.  We can supply you with a versatile solution that does NOT penetrate your roof deck or substrate for hundreds of applications:

  • Fall Protection Temporary Fall Protection
  • Roof Edge Protection
  • Roof Hatches
  • Skylights
  • Hazard Barriers
  • Warehouse Dock Doors
  • Warehouse Traffic Lanes
  • Cell Workstations
  • Construction Dig Sites
  • Dock Platforms
  •  New Building Construction
  • Drive-In Truck Pits
  • Rail Car Platforms
  • Mezzanines
  • Break Areas
  • Assembly Areas
  • Conveyors

Gravisys Safety Rails:

  • No holes need to be drilled
  • 100% portable
  • Meets and exceeds OH&S regulations for fall protection
  • Install over 600 feet in an hour with three men
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite directions
  • Each base can support up to 4 rails
  • Gate assemblies available
  • Optional toe board brackets
  • All rail sections have a powder coat finish
  • Special orders for non-standard colors and galvanizing
  • Custom engineering* / manufacturing for special requirements
  • Protect your employees and visitors without hassle


Custom Solutions

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