Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society

    The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES), Alberta Chapter, is proud to present the 2018 Clarence White Conference and Tradeshow. This year the show is being held on April 16th and 17th at the Sheraton Red Deer in Red Deer, Alberta.

    CHES exists to help its members manage an environment which is essential to the efficient and effective delivery of health care in Canada. As a non-profit voluntary society, CHES focuses on promoting improved planning, design, operation and management of hospital technical services systems.

    Each year, CHES Alberta organizes a professional industry-wide event, the Clarence White Conference & Tradeshow, which encompasses outstanding keynote presentations, workshop sessions, educational programs and a first-class trade show where the latest technology is displayed.

    We request your support and partnership to cover the costs of this event via sponsorship.

    Please Visit us at the Gravisys booth.

Self-Retracting Lanyards

    I had been through all the training on the self-retracting lanyard safety system, but that was a year or so back. I still felt pretty confident and figured I knew most of what I needed to know. I mentioned this to my co-worker while we were putting on our gear and he said that I shouldn't be concerned about being a little rusty as we weren't going to be on the job that long. A nearby worker was quick to tell us that this type of attitude was fine if we didn't mind falling fifty feet. Putting that thought in my head was enough to get me to speak to my supervisor about needing to familiarize myself again with how to properly use my fall safety equipment.

    ( https://www.safeopedia.com )

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Safety Ninja

    Safety Ninja, CHBA - Alberta's fall prevention hero. Each month there will be new fall prevention safety resources for you to print and post at your sites to help improve safety.

    ( https://chbaalberta.ca/safety-ninja?platform=hootsuite )

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    The Portable Fall Arrest Trailer System combines the simplicity of a horizontal rail and trolley system with a portable structure to provide reliable fall protection where it's needed, when it's needed. The trailer-mounted system can be easily transported on the job site. The unit is self-contained and does not require a special vehicle to transport it.

    Contract Gravisys for more information.

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Fernie Ski Resort Lifeline

    Check out this video on the skilled technicians working at Fernie Alpine Resort and using the lifeline system we installed for their avalanche control (the lifeline is featured at the 16:30 minute mark)


Gravisys Has Moved

    Gravisys office has moved to 189 Athabascan Avenue, in the same complex. Check out a few images of our new space.

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DBI-SALA Lad-Saf™ Sleeve Notice

    Please see the attached DBI-SALA™ Lad-Saf Sleeve recall/replacement notice The incidents reported were due to misuse of the traveller and not defects in the sleeve design itself. With the Stop Use/Quarantine notice, and no immediate replacement X2 or X3 sleeves available, this could potentially put many operations out of service, causing site delays and standby costs.
    In order to avoid potential operations downtime and additional delays, you can contact 3M™ Customer Services at 1-800-387-7484, ext 2012, for additional information on the safe use the affected sleeves until replacements can be made available.

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Construction Safety Blitz

    Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers will be increasing inspections on worksites over weekends and other periods outside regular working hours to ensure safety remains a priority throughout the busy construction months.

    ( https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=431442725F1FF-DE49-9C63-55DC96F9B3A5C480#.V4-KSeEFFeI.twitter )

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At Height Rescue

STAC Conference

Saves A Father's Life

    Last month, Tanner Kane, a worker with Apollo Incorporated, was using a bar to provide leverage for popping forms off the top of a retaining wall in Kennewick, WA. One minute he was working alongside his partner, the next, he'd vanished, catapulted clear over the thirty foot wall.

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