Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines are an anchorage device to protect workers from fall injuries or where there is an unusual risk of injury. Horizontal lifeline fall protection systems can be rigid or use flexible wire rope, using intermediate and end anchors.

Horizontal lifelines are used for the installation or maintenance work at height in industrial plants, on roofs, equipment, or over vehicles.

Gravisys Inc. will design the most effective and efficient lifeline system for your application. We take care of every element of the fall protection system, including all required engineering*, installation, and annual inspection.
Lifelines installed and/or inspected by Gravisys Inc. include tagging with a low frequency radio infochip containing information used to:

  • Instantly and accurately identify fall protection components, its type, length, manufacturer, and inspection dates
  • Track and audit inspection dates
  • Record and report service life history

Vertical Lifelines

A vertical lifeline allows movement up and down the entire height of the line, eliminating the need to disconnect and find a new tie-off points while ascending or descending from a tower or ladder. While connected to the vertical lifeline using a “rope grab” deceleration device, users may move as long as tension is slack on the lifeline. In the event of a fall, the rope grab automatically engages the vertical lifeline and locks, arresting the fall.

Gravisys Inc. can design and install a ladder lifeline system for any pole, tower, tank, or silo.  Your application can be inside or outside, and straight or curved. We have the solution.

Temporary Lifelines

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Custom Applications

Do you need a lifeline on top of your mountain at 6000 feet so that maintenance can perform avalanche control?

Maybe you need a safety net for your orchestra pit?

You own Grand Central Station, and you need a lifeline so that lightbulbs can be changed.

The fall protection of your lighthouse needs upgrading.

You need fall protection to inspect the pressure release valve of your 200 foot diameter floating roof tank.

You have workers that need to load potash on top of a rail car.

No matter how unique or how impossible it seems, Gravisys Inc. can design, engineer*, and install a fall prevention/fall protection solution.