Temporary (Water, Counterweight)

Water Anchor
This anchor is a totally unique concept in fall protection and uses renewable resources for manufacture and installation. The Fall Arrest Water Anchor is compatible with a large variety of roof surfaces including composite and mineral felts. It has been independently tested and exceeds the EN795 Class E standard and even works on roof pitches to 15 degrees. When collapsed the Fall Arrest Water Anchor weighs just 11kgs and fits into a small carry bag for easy installation.

  • Materials – Fire resistant neoprene
  • Weights – Empty = 11kg, Full = 430kg
  • Dimensions – 1.45m x 1.45m x 0.2m
  • Pressure Loading – 2.7kN/square meter
  • Puncture Resistance – Meets FED STD 191 Pt. 1520

The Fall Arrest Water Anchor requires no heavy weights to be lifted to mounting surface. It installs faster (Fills in 8 to 10 minutes) than traditional counterweight systems.

Freestanding Counterweight Anchor
This is a non-penetrating anchor point for performing work on flat roofs or other structures. Does not attach to the working surface, reducing the possibility of damage. This anchor is for concrete and bitumen membrane type roofs (for asphalt and stone chipping type roofs, an additional four weights will be required).

  • Non penetrating design does not attach to working surface, reducing the possibility of damage.
  • Built-in shock absorbing post provides added safety to user and structure.
  • Fall arrest and restraint rated for one worker for jobsite versatility.
  • Approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt sanded and asphalt stone chippings.
  • Ideal for use on flat surfaces up to a maximum of 5 degrees slope/pitch
  • Counterweights are 45 lbs (20.3 kg) and come with an integral carrying handle for easy transport and set up.

 Safe and Secure Anchor
The anchor is fall arrest rated and can be used as a single anchor point system. After set-up, simply attach your shock absorbing lanyard, self retracting lifeline or rope grab and lifeline and you are ready to go.

 Non-Penetrating Design
This anchor is a counter- weight type, simply placed on top of the working surface. Weighted bases are added to rubber trays that are connected to a shock absorbing tie-off post. The anchor’s freestanding design installs without penetrating the roof sheathing or surface, saving valuable time and money. In addition, the design reduces the possibility of surface damage, roof leaks and voided roof warranties.

 Specialized Load Distributing Design
This anchor incorporates a revolutionary shock absorbing system called LEAP™. The LEAP™ post (with tie-off point) has an integral energy absorber that deploys in a controlled manner to absorb the forces generated during a fall. This specialized design provides added safety to the attached worker and better distributes the forces to the anchor and structure. By limiting the forces this way, the integrity of the roof is also preserved.

Easy Installation
Installation of the anchor system is simple, fast and efficient. Due to its modular design, the installer will never have to lift more than 45 lbs. (20.3kg). In some applications, the entire system can be lifted (by forklift or crane) into place for instant set-up and use.

Portable (Mobile & Trailer Mount)

Portable Fall Protection Trailer
The Portable Fall Arrest Trailer System combines the simplicity of a horizontal rail and trolley system with a portable structure to provide reliable fall protection where it’s needed, when it’s needed. The trailer-mounted system can be easily transported on the job site. The unit is self-contained and does not require a special vehicle to transport it.

  • Field settable 102″ by 20 ft Trailer
  • 1 counterweight tray assembly measuring 34″ x 64″ x 6″ high with anchor rings and chain assembly to secure 2.5′ by 2.5′ by 5′ eco-block (Eco-block to be provided by customer and should have a gross weight of a minimum of 3600 lbs)
  • Glide 360 rail assembly 20 ft long with two trolleys. System rating to be 2 x 900 lbs x two workers
  • System to have a fixed anchor height of 23 ft measured from the ground to trolley
  • System to include winching device with re-direct pulley to assist in raising the unit up in the field
  • System to have a fixed offset of 8 ft
  • Easy to transport
  • System is collapsible for transportation.
  • Initial onsite set-up and training available
  • Manufactured in Canada

A-Frame and Quad-Frames Mobile Anchors
A-Frames and Quad-Frames allow you to place mobile overhead anchor points where you need them.  These systems roll over equipment or other structures being accessed, and provide “ground-up” fall protection for elevated work activities.

Portable Horizontal Rail System
Horizontal rail systems roll up to elevated work surfaces and provide mobile anchor points for fall protection along the length of an elevated area.  Rail systems can be fixed height or adjustable, and can incorporate an access stair system to provide ground-up fall protection for elevated work activities.


Anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system, used to connect lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-off to prevent a worker from falling.

Gravisys Inc. can help you identify anchorages for all industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential applications.  This includes all flat and sloped roofing, any work at height, standing seam, metal decking,

Gravisys Inc. offers a constant force or tip-over post that incorporates an omni-directional energy absorber that allows the post to deploy and control a load in any directions.  Under a load, the post deploys, extending the energy absorbing coil, limiting the load to the roof to 10 kN (1 tonne, or less than 2500 pounds) in shear.